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i like it hot

This past summer began my unhealthy obsession of burritos – I experienced Chipotle for the first time, and so began my craving for black beans, rice, guacamole, and chipotle sauce.  I’ve also noticed that my school serves burritos on Thursdays (Tex-Mex Thursday!), and upon trying one, my obsession was reignited. 

As Chipotle is quite far from my house and a tad expensive, I’ve been searching for a recipe that can satisfy my hunger.

After tea, I perused Loblaws for quite a while – searching for chipotle peppers, with no luck. Instead, I found a spicy chipotle sauce from PC’s new Black Label, and I managed to spot a (delicious) guacamole seasoning mix. 

My plans this weekend? Make a GF taco bowl using the incredible guacamole, brown rice seasoned with lime and cilantro, black beans, and chipotle sauce. I’m hoping for good results! 

How to make this guacamole? Mash up 3 avocados (I blended them in a food processor), and add 3/4 cup of seasoning mix and stir! Refrigerate if you’re not eating this delicious creation immediately.


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