detox / juicing

the beginning of my month long detox

I do a lot of things for fun nowadays (well, since 2012 started). Mostly because I like to take risks, and secondly I want to see what exactly my medicine has to offer. I’ve heard from others that it’s best to try something out before recommending it to your patient. 

So far, I’ve completed an elimination diet, and found out that I have sensitivities to both lactose and gluten, and that white sugar is my sworn enemy (and now have adapted the mantra that cookies are for cookie monster only). I’ve (essentially) gotten over my needle fear because of acupuncture (who knew that needles would evoke such wonderful feelings). I’ve taken a (expensive!) peat bath which has an incredible array of therapeutic benefits (anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, increased circulation, etc.) …And now I’m undertaking a detox!
I thought it would be fun to do this now because I finished the elimination diet, and I eat relatively clean – although it would be nice to rid my body of any remaining toxins that have been stored throughout the past couple years. 
My detox started out with a session in an infrared sauna (which targets fast tissue), which I tolerated quite well (despite the initial 30 second cold water shower). Following this, I was told to dust off my juicer for a 2 day juice fast, followed by clean eating and an list of other self-care tasks. 
Juicing has an incredible number of benefits some of which include: cleansing your digestive tract and colon, makes your metabolism more efficient, and getting the recommended daily number of fruit and vegetable servings. 
I waited until the weekend to begin my juice fast, more specifically today (I place the blame on birthdays and Winterlicious dinner reservations… which were incredibly delicious…) 
What have I discovered? Juicing may not be for me. I didn’t mind the elimination diet (if we ignore the first week), but I really despise the (semi-sweet) taste of carrot juice and not actually being able to enjoy solid foods. 
I may have cheated today (I totally did), but I’m going to try again tomorrow and add smoothies and tea to my menu. Oh, and definitely try some juices that don’t involve carrots! 
In the meantime, I did find two amazing books that have incredible recipes. The Juicing Bible is a great book for any ND or anyone to have in their collection. It goes over different food and herbs, and their benefit. Not to mention it compiles juices, smoothies, and teas for various health problems! reFresh is a great book that not only has juice recipes, it contains healthy vegan recipes that are found at Fresh Restaurants! Definitely check these books out if you’re looking for some delicious recipes. 
In the meantime, I’m going to give juicing a try (again), and see how this detox diet is going to work for the next month!
Wish me luck 🙂

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