detox / yoga

be content

Now that reading week has approached, I was finally (!!!) able to get my first yoga class in since 2011 (how depressing). Today’s theme? Being content. 
Sure there are plenty of things in my life that I’m not content, but I’ve accepted them and I’m going to make an effort to change things around this year – to the best of my ability anyways. 
How did today’s class go? It was interesting to go by myself, as I usually attend with my friends. I definitely concentrated more (no distractions) and was more aware of my body and it’s abilities. I especially noticed how far I’ve come in the past year – and how much further I need to go. 
In this moment however, I’m going to take the time to be content with what I achieved today. 
PS. Hot yoga is amazing for detoxing! I wish I lived closer to the studio 🙂

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