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a much needed date night

It’s been a long week – filled with reading, writing notes, trying to keep things together, exercising, and sleeping. 

I’m having my boyfriend over tonight, mainly because I want to see a person who I know outside of school, and someone who’ll let me hug them until my arms grow tired. 

For Christmas this year, I decided to do something unconventional, and because my boyfriend and I both like wine – I came up with the idea of trying a new wine from a specific country each month, and of course I would cook for him. He loved the idea (I hope he wasn’t lying, and it definitely agree’s with a student’s budget)!

This month, we’re trying an Australian Shiraz along with gourmet pizza. To top it off, I bought the cutest miniature desserts ever – I shouldn’t really be eating them, but I’ll push myself harder on the treadmill tomorrow!

And hopefully once we’re done, I’ll try and convince him to help me study for exams. It’s the least he could do, right?

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