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My birthday wasn’t too long ago, and I decide that it would be fun (this is how I justify my decisions…) to write out a list of 24 goals that I want to accomplish by 11:59 PM February 10, 2013 (aka. right before I turn a quarter century old). 

I think they’re pretty achievable goals, although some may take more effort than others – but that’s half the fun!

Drumroll please… Here’s what I hope to achieve before I turn 25!

1. Give up croissants & Starbucks peanut butter cupcakes
2. Watch all of AFI’s 10 Top 10 (Westerns exempted)
3. Run 3x a week
4. Yoga 1x a week
5. Learn how to make bread
6. Do 1 DIY every month
7. Take a cooking class
8. Take myself out to lunch
9. Preceptor for at least 25 hours (or 50… but mostly 25)
10. Get down to a size 4
11. Blog everyday
12. Drive more
13. Be more independent
14. Find my balance (whether doing the tree pose without falling, or juggling school and friends)
15. Run 5k without stopping
16. Run outside without the burning-lung sensation
17. Make my bedroom a food-free zone
18. Learn a dance routine
19. Go see a musical
20. Go on a winery tour
21. Travel to the badlands 
22. Be a more appreciative sister/daughter/friend/girlfriend
23. Be financially savvy (aka. I don’t need another cardigan or I don’t need to buy lunch when I can make it at home)
24. #treatyoself: go to BodyBlitz, & take myself out for a professional massage


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