asian medicine

acupuncture: how i miss thee

Acupuncture is amazing, mainly because a. it cured my fear of needles (yes, last year at the ripe age of 23), b. it makes me feel tingly and awesome during and after, and c. I stopped getting random bruises after I began my treatment. 
The points that I got done were mainly my spleen points, one on my head for calmness, and one above my belly button for willpower (which I asked to get done because I wanted the extra strength to resist temptation and not eat sweets). 

As a vital organ in Asian Medicine, the spleen has many important roles such as controlling blood – meaning that it not only makes it, but it helps keep it in its vessels (ie. no random bruising!). It also houses the intellect which is important for thinking, studying, memorizing, and concentrating (meaning I should probably start my sessions prior to exams). 

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