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hydrotherapy@home: dry brushing

While sitting in hydrotherapy for about 2 hours I came to the realization that my detox guidelines are essentially all hydrotherapy treatments (…which would make sense now that I think of it). 
This week I’m going to focus on dry brushing and why it’s beneficial. As you may (or may not know), the skin is the body’s largest organ and has many critical functions. Our skin controls our body temperature, it provides protection, and helps eliminates waste (ie. toxins) through sweat. 
During the winter, we’re always surrounded in heat (or we wear 5 sweaters to stay warm in classroom 4), so our skin becomes very dry. We’re also prone to colds in the winter because of a weakened immune system. To prevent dryness and promote the immune system, dry brushing can be used as it moves lymph fluid, increases circulation, and removes dead skin cells. 
This procedure requires a dry brush or loofa (both of which can be found at your local drug store), and should be done in the morning before taking a shower. 
You want to begin with warm feet, and brushing at the sole of the right foot moving up the right leg (as it’s furthest from the heart) in upward strokes. When you reach your bum, move to the left leg foot and repeat. Once you reach your abdomen brush clockwise, then move to your chest and do figure 8s. Move to your arms, and brush your right first, then your left. Lastly, try to finish with your back. 
it’s important that you brush in upward strokes, because you’re moving blood and lymph back to your heart. Once you’re done, rinse in a cool shower (as cool as you can take it). 
This procedure should be done every 2-3 days because you don’t want your body dependent on self-stimulation.
Has anyone tried dry brushing? Have you noticed any benefits?

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