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‘stay in bed’ day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and cry? I’ve been having a couple of those days lately. I feel alone, misunderstood, and I feel like a failure (at life, school, and relationships). 
I know everyone has these problems at times – even the most seemingly perfect people (why are there so many of these people at my school). 
Sometimes it’s just too much. 
Even when I tell myself that I don’t feel stressed – my body feels it. I start losing my appetite, my right eye starts twitching (incredibly annoying), and my nails change their form/start peeling. 
While I can’t control these problems sometimes (ie. family problems), I can talk talk it out with my friends (friends from school and from real life), start studying early, and take care of myself (ie. deep breathing, exercise, eating happy fresh foods)
On the weekend my lovely boyfriend took me on a city-road trip just so I could get some fresh air and spill everything to him – and then when I was done we sat on a hill at Trinity Bellwoods Park and watched the dogs play with each other at the bottom of the hill. 
Random question: Why do dogs always smell other dog’s butts? They would not stop!
Do you have days like this? How do you get through? 

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