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weekend adventures

Yes, I know I shouldn’t be skipping class – especially since I want to end up on (or near) the top (really, it’s just to impress myself not others), and I pay $20k for school…. 

But we (my friends and I) couldn’t help it. Friday was a beautiful and warm day, plus both my friends were going home for the weekend – aka we kind of spend too much time together and like it. So what’s better than getting some delicious froyo (it didn’t hurt my stomach – yay!) and talking about life. It’s unreal how close you can get to 2 people in 6 months. 
I know, this isn’t congruent with my detox. At all. But the weather was ridiculously amazing on Friday – and I thought it would be nice to chill on a patio with my boyfriend. Which lead to me forgetting about my detox because I was staring at this handsome man (especially after getting a haircut), the weather, and good conversation… It could be worse, I could have went crazy on Saturday (St. Patrick’s Day). Instead, I watched people dressed up like leprechauns walk around Liberty Village, after a soccer game. 

Again, Friday night on a patio. I can’t wait until summer actually hits. I anticipate many of these nights – even if they’re on my patio.  

There’s something to be said about caving. I hated the shoes, I really did. Until I tried them on. They’re so comfortable. I went back on forth on Uggs for a long time – I never bought them. But Toms are so light, and summery. And they donate a pair to someone in need. I caved. I feel bad for making fun of all my friends who wear them – one in particular, but we don’t talk anymore (so it would be really out of the blue for me to text him). 

Yes, I went to an all-girls Catholic school. No, it wasn’t exactly like Gossip Girl. However I did catch up with one my friends from high school this weekend, and it was really nice. It’s always a great feeling when you can slip right back into the friendship despite not seeing the other person for half a year. If only all friendships were this easy 🙂

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