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plan plan plan

I like love lists. I have special paper for lists. I have a special way to write lists. I like to make little check boxes, and I love writing checkmarks. This is somewhat obsessive, right?

When I undertook the elimination diet back in September/October, I found it extremely difficult to come up with a meal sans allergens in a pinch. Looking through blogs, magazines, and cookbooks was a time-consuming task – but was ultimately very fulfilling. This didn’t mean I always stuck to it – because I would sometimes find other recipes that I wanted to try, but having a back-up plan was great.

This summer, I’m going to get back on track – especially since I’ve found myself skipping meals because I had no ideas/there wasn’t ‘anything to eat’, or eating things that I knew were unhealthy for me because I was either too tired/hungry to make anything for myself. 

Again, meal planning has taken a lot of work. Although I’ve accumulated many delicious recipes over the last few months, I don’t want to be repetitive and I want to be able to buy certain foods and use them for the entire week – rather than just one day. 

I’m hoping that once I get back from Montreal, I’ll have the plan & groceries ready, and that it will be an easy transition!

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