up in the air

This is interesting – although I spent 2 days this week coming up with a menu plan, I’m finding myself increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of things that I have and want to do. 

Everyday I make myself a plan, and everyday I seem to find myself deviating from it. Which begs the question: should we plan everything out?
I find myself wanting to settle down and relax – especially since life has been go-go-go for the last 8 months. The thing is, I know that if I don’t do what I’m supposed to do, I’m going to regret it and wished that I did it when I was supposed to. 
I don’t have any answers to this. I don’t know how to muster up enough energy to get things done. I suppose for know, I’ll just make sure to accomplish the important things and I’ll leave the other plans up in the air… (at least until my body and mind gets bored from relaxing)


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