sunday adventures: lemonade + macarons + flowers

In an attempt to brighten my mood, I went on a little adventure before my cooking class. 

At times I pull the classic temper tantrum (except I just get pouty at this age), when things don’t go my way.

I had planned on going out with my parents before my class this morning – and then have them drop me off (mostly because my bags are heavy and I don’t want to carry them). We had planned on going to Loblaws (at Maple Leaf Gardens) and grab some lunch. Unfortunately that didn’t work out – so I’m just going to head down there myself one day.

Because of this, I found myself going downtown about an hour early and wandering down King St. East. 

I’m not too sure what exactly was being filmed, but it was at a bakery and christmas wreaths were everywhere!

I passed by St. James Church, and would have gone it, had it not been Sunday (I didn’t want to intrude during mass). 

About a week ago, I researched some good French bakeries that serve macarons – and discovered a place 5 minutes away from GBC. They had quite the assortment, but unfortunately for me, I couldn’t try them all (at once, anyway!)

I indulged in one of these delicious confectionaries and sipped on some passion tea lemonade before class (and saved the rest for later!). 

I stopped by St. James park after class, and took in the beautiful scenery. 

What things do you do to cheer yourself up?

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