weekend adventures

saturday adventures: SLM pt.II + the beach

It’s apparent to me that I haven’t been eating properly when I have 2 weekend adventure posts in a row, and no food posts. I spent my week, preceptoring, working, and sleeping (brightside: I think my normal sleep pattern is back!)

On Saturday I met up with a friend and introduced her to St. Lawrence Market. Even though I’ve been there plenty of times, I still find Saturdays to be overwhelming (especially without a planned grocery list).

We decided to escape the crowd for a bit, and headed to Origin for lunch. I’m afraid I’m becoming a bit of a food snob, because I’m finding myself going to these classier establishments – although to be fair, I’ve been to all the little places in SLM (ie. Carousel, Mustachio), and I’ve been eyeing Origin for the last month (mainly on my walk to GBC). Long story short – the mozzarella is simply wonderful and I want to go back for tapas. 

We then headed back to SLM to grab some bread, olives, and seafood (crab cakes… yum!)

Later that night, my family headed to the beach to enjoy a Father’s Day dinner and a walk along the boardwalk. Where a not-so friendly competition ensued between my brother and I – over who could find the most glass rocks. 

Look at this view! The beach is definitely one of my favourite places in the city. 

After a nice, long walk we headed to a popular neighbourhood hangout – where I got red chili chocolate ice cream (delicious!)

Yes, this is a seemingly terrible photo, but the Gardiner ranks on my favourite places in Toronto list. There are so many lights, so much to see, it’s incredible and definitely a great way to end the day. 

What did you do this weekend?

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