summer check in!

I reviewed my summer bucket list and realized that I have still have much to accomplish… mostly because I have 3 books on there – not including my extensive summer reading list (I apparently love to take on too much). Earlier this summer I went to see Beauty and the Beast. I remember seeing it … Continue reading


summer detox (again)

Image from Now that you’ve read the title of this post, you’re probably wondering, “Why are you doing this to yourself, especially during the summer?” The truth is, I haven’t really been taking great care of myself this summer (froyo, eating out often, or not eating enough) – especially since I work 40 hours … Continue reading


party of one

Image via At dinner a few nights ago, I was sitting across from an older gentleman eating by himself. I casually mentioned his lack of company to a friend, who remarked that it was ‘sad’ that no one was with him. I immediately became defensive because I have eaten alone before, I had bought a single ticket … Continue reading