weekend adventures

weekend adventures: st. jacobs + 7 year anniversary

On Saturday my family travelled to St. Jacobs to check out the Farmer’s Market and quaint little town. My mom and dad had planned to go to Collingwood – but I threw a wrench in their plans. Hopefully we’ll head there some other time this summer. 

They have quite the tendency to skip past the fresh fruit and vegetables (like these peas, rhubarb, stawberries, etc), for pies and fudge (and honey – I’ll give that one a pass). Apparently, I’m the only person who eats from the F&V food group…although one of the pies had blueberries in it (doesn’t count dad!)

We used to go to St. Jacobs all the time when we were smaller – and although the Farmer’s Market is still the highlight of the trip – everything else has just gotten so old. All the stores (and even most of the restaurants) cater to an older clientele. It was pretty disappointing – I don’t know if I’d travel an hour away from Toronto just for baked goods, but that’s just me. 

My boyfriend and I (mostly me – because I always have hundreds of ideas) planned a nice day out – we’d walk along a Discovery Trail, go to the beach, and then head down to our traditional spot for dinner and fireworks. But then Italy qualified for the Euro Cup finals, and we decided to watch the game with our friends. The game was pretty much a disaster, but we stuck it out (I alternated between reading Onward and playing Temple Run during the second half). 

We headed to Eden for dinner, and then found a nice grassy spot on the lawn. 

It was only until 10:15 that I remembered that the Ontario Place is partially closed this year – so we checked to see if the annual fireworks show would be happening – nope! So we packed up, and headed home – taking the Gardiner, because he wanted to cheer me up. 

It was a great day despite a soccer and fireworks fail!

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