weekend adventures

weekend adventures: night on the town & family roadtrip

I have this innate need to plan things (absurdly) in advance. This (sometimes) doesn’t work out with my significant other as he likes to “play it by ear.” This week I decided to take a page out of his book, and wait until the day of to plan our date.  

We had a wonderful dinner down on King, and then stopped by the Buskerfest to witness a fabulous slight of hand show. 

…oh, we also saw an episode of Suits being filmed, nbd. 

Overall, I’ve accepted that not everything in life needs to be planned 3 weeks in advance (unless I’m trying to make reservations for Lee), and it’s okay to do things spur of the moment. 

I have a small (but obvious) confession, family road trips are the best. When my brother and I were younger, my parents would always take us somewhere new – St. Jacobs, the Welland Canal, Peterborough… As boring as it may sound, sitting in the car for a few hours with a bag of books, and engaging in conversation with my parents are some of the happiest memories that I have. 

Sadly, now that my brother and I have gotten older (and wiser, obviously) – it’s hard for the four of us to find a day, let alone a few hours to spend quality time together. 

Lucky for us, my parents were free on Saturday and we drove east to Cobourg. 

Here are some of my trip thoughts:
  • When dad says things are going to be boring, he’s usually right, but just because there isn’t much to do, doesn’t mean there’s not much to see
  • I should know better when a restaurant promotes fresh and organic food (ie. go to the cafe with burgers and fries, and save yourself from death glares from everyone when they read the incredibly healthy menu) …CCNM-ers, you’d love Daizies! (If you ever find yourself an hour east of the city)
  • Thrift shops are incredible! I may never find that coveted Chanel crossbody, but I will find Cranium (in perfect condition) for $4

On the way home, we stopped by Port Hope, and visited the beach. Best moment: realizing that this was the beach (with clear water and ripples in the sand) that we visited when I was younger. My dad was so happy that I remembered it! 

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