weekend adventures

weekend adventures: the ex + backbeat

So here we are, the last weekend of summer – spent with family and friends. 
My parents took my brother and I to The Ex where they (dad + brother) feasted on a bacon-wrapped deep fried mars bar (I couldn’t say anything, I had one last year…although it wasn’t bacon wrapped), and I feasted on pulled pork (I couldn’t resist), and then redeemed myself at Vie Raw Foods with their vegan tacos and raw (expensive) tarts. 
We went to The Ex to mainly see their air show… which unfortunately, (I thought, my dad agreed) was a disappointment (I didn’t get the opportunity to see the snowbirds). Nevertheless, it was a fabulous way to spend some quality time with my family (with no arguing!) since school starts tomorrow (and I’ll be hibernating in my room/a library for the next 8 months). 
On Sunday I went to see Backbeat (a musical based on the early life of the Beatles), with   friends. Since it was the cast’s last night in Toronto, they put on a mini-concert for us at the end of the show. Not only was the musical great, there was just something great with spending the last weekend with friends (maybe because I’d be going into hibernation soon…)
After the show, we got some food and amazing dessert at Hey Lucy (cookie ice cream sundae = no willpower, I know) and sat on the rooftop patio and enjoyed the last few hours of summer. 
I essentially completed everything on my bucketlist (aside from the books… I guess reading wasn’t really my thing this summer) – and had a great time doing so. I’m thinking of creating a bucketlist for the year… but I’ll put that one on the back burner for now (we’ll see how school goes).

Aside from going to Montreal, I didn’t really go *anywhere* this summer (RIP Wasaga, see you next year?), but I still managed to have a great time in my own backyard. Was your summer as amazing as mine?


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