weekend adventures

weekend adventures: mousetrap and the saint


About a year ago, my boyfriend and I ate the most delicious burger at The Harbord Room (which is closely followed by a cheeseburger at Holy Chuck). Much to my delight, Toronto Life came out with a cookbook featuring the delicious Harbord Room burger.

This weekend, we finally had an opportunity to make the burger at home. It took some time: learning how to use a meat grinder, fishing out huge chunks of brisket out of the grinder and cutting up smaller cubes, attempting to delegate kitchen tasks, and the clean up. Despite wanting to throw in the towel about 20 minutes in, it was really fun cooking with my boyfriend. He’s hilarious and makes me laugh – which is important when meat grinder is conspiring against you and trying to ruin your life.


I love seeing shows! Normally I’m more of a musical person – but I’m not one to pass up on a show. My friends and I went to go watch a murder-mystery called ‘The Mousetrap’ by Agatha Christie at Lower Ossington Theatre. The performance was really good – although the herbal cigarettes didn’t quite agree with my head. Unfortunately, I didn’t correctly guess who the killer was. I’ve never been too good at that – unless I’m reading a Dan Brown novel. I think I need to start reading more one minute mysteries, to sharpen my skills.


After the show we headed to The Saint – a cool and relaxed bar. The food was amazing – which is expected since it’s affiliated with Jacobs Steakhouse and Buca (where I really want to go next). I learned something new there – when you eat something ridiculously hot (like a delicious crab-stuffed jalepeno popper), putting salt on your tongue makes everything better.


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