weekend adventures

weekend adventures: friends and fireworks


This weekend officially began on King Street West, where a beautiful friend and I went to check out ‘The Meme-ing of Life‘ at Second City and celebrated the release of final grades at Kit Kat and Hey Lucy. The show was hilarious (not that I expected any less), and I had a minor role (I said ‘hello’ to my neighbour). It felt as though they were making fun of ‘green’ people about every 5 minutes – as they joked about kale, water, healthy eating, etc (it was all in good fun though). I enjoyed how the sketches were set up – each of them were very reflective of you guessed it – current memes floating around the internet. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


See that lovely plate? All the food on it was delicious, thanks to my outrageously talented friend! Her cooking has convinced me to subscribe to ‘Bon Appetit’ – it being the second magazine that I’ve ever subscribed to (Teen People being the first – OLD!). I love dinner parties, because the chefs have the opportunity to showcase their talents and it’s just fun to sit back, relax, and talk to great friends outside the four walls of our school.


No Victoria’s Day is complete without fireworks – and since the Ontario Place is undergoing a 7 year renovation, we headed up to Wonderland this year, and found a great spot near the house of my newly engaged friends C & N! It’s so exciting when a couple gets engaged – and even more so when you’ve known them for almost a decade! Sometimes I find it unbelievable how much time has passed since high school, and how much has changed since then.

C & N, I love you both and I wish you all the best in your future together. I cannot wait to take care of any injuries sustained from nucking futs, mike timlan, or other games played in your basement.


Saving the sweetest for last, going out for delicious ice cream (at Uncle Betty’s) and a walk with by boyfriend. He always surprises me with the flavours that he chooses and he’s convinced that his always tastes better. I love you, but I think not.

I hope you all had a great long weekend filled with adventures of your own!


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