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hydrotherapy@home: steam inhalation shower


More than a year ago, I wrote about the benefits of steam inhalation. Never needing to use this therapy myself, I’ve kept it in my back pocket and suggested it when family and friends were experiencing colds. Recently, I’ve managed to catch myself a cold, because I’ve left my window open during the past few nights (I should have expected that).

Wanting to put my education to good use, I decided to modify the traditional steam inhalation method and make it shower friendly.

//What to do//

Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil (3-5) to a steaming shower and breathe in through your nose.

I used eucalyptus for its expectorant properties. An expectorant irritates mucous membranes causing mucous to thin and move off the surface leading to expectoration (a runny nose). It’s also an anti-bacterial which is great as the season of colds and flus is quickly approaching.

Keep in mind that a steam inhalation will not get rid of your cold, it will simply ease the symptoms. Boost your immunity by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink green tea, and keep some Vitamin C nearby.


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