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Passport to Prana: Moksha Thornhill

Passport to Prana

A few months back I purchased a Passport to Prana, hoping to expand my love for yoga and try out different studios across Toronto (with the added bonus of hanging out with my friends). It’s a great program designed to not only make yoga more accessible to others, but to share the benefits of yoga, at only $30 per year. The passport gets you entry into one yoga class at participating yoga studios (more than 40 participating studios in Toronto, not including  those in Ajax, Vaughan, etc.).

I finally had the opportunity to use this card during midterm week (the perks of having an entire day off and only 3 exams!), and checked out Yoga Barre at Moksha Thornhill with Carmelinda. Thinking that it was just going to be a lot of stretching, I convinced one of my friends to come – boy was I wrong (Sorry L!).

Yoga Barre is a class aimed to build muscle tone through the combination of dance conditioning and interval training. It was the workout that I never knew I needed. We essentially started out on the mat with sun salutations and a few flows, and then moved to the barre where we worked (what seemed to be) every single muscle in our legs. After praying for my aching gatrocs and soleus muscles, we returned to the mat to finish some core stretches.

The studio itself is absolutely gorgeous and welcoming, and offers an abundance of services – spa, osteopathy, naturopathy (one of the supervisors at our school actually practices here!), to name a few. This wasn’t a surprise considering it’s the sister studio of Moksha North York, my regular yoga destination.

Overall, I would highly recommend not only attending Yoga Barre with Carmelinda, but also purchasing the Passport to Prana. It makes a wonderful day out with friends and allows you the opportunity to practice with various teachers and try different forms of yoga!



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