ROM Friday Night Live


If you haven’t heard about these Friday Night Live at the ROM, I implore you to check it out (ASAP) before they finish up for the year (they started last week though, and their last day is December 6). This event is aimed at adults 19+, hoping to bring them to the museum (after all, you probably haven’t been there since grade school…), and expand their cultural horizons.

Each FNL has a theme with various events are going on throughout the galleries – I didn’t figure this out until last year when I stumbled upon someone teaching the basics of Bollywood dance in a random gallery. Food and drinks can also be found throughout the museum (you need ROM Bucks for these, see below).

I’ve been to these events a few times (as seen in past Weekend Adventures), and have always had a fabulous time. Who doesn’t love drinking wine while dancing with dinosaurs?

A few things to remember if you’re planning on attending ROM FNL:

  • Get there early. I know some may think that it’s great to be fashionably late. Not here. If you’re late you won’t get in. Be there by 7:30, walk around a few of the galleries (with a nice glass of wine), and grab a bite to eat (may I suggest Gourmet Gringos?)
  • ROM Bucks. Everything costs $6, but that’s $6 in ROM bucks. You buy the bucks with cash and then pay at the bar/pop-up food booths with these bucks.
  • Bar hopping. The only downside to this night, is that it’s done by 11. Luckily, there are restaurants and bars close by, so I’d suggest heading to one of those when the lights turn on.
  • Dress to impress. You might feel a bit out of place in a t-shirt and jeans.



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