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copycat food: peppermint hot chocolate


It’s that time of year where Holiday commercials are beginning to run on TV, the malls are showcasing their decorations, and Starbucks has begun brewing their Holiday drinks.

I for one, love Starbucks. Mostly because it’s the only coffee shop near school that has lactose-free or soy milk, and because it makes for a nice Friday treat (to help get through the last class of the day, of course). Nevertheless, it makes for an expensive habit (although I like collecting stars, and I’m close to gold level status) and sometimes when I’m home I just want to wrap myself in a blanket and not leave my house.

What gets me really excited is the flavour combination of chocolate and mint. So delicious. Back in the day I would add crushed candy canes to a steaming cup of hot chocolate, but now I’ve developed a less aggressive and more delicious process.


  • 1 cup of chocolate almond milk
  • 50g of dark chocolate, chopped (I used mint chocolate to intensify the flavour)
  • 1/2 tsp (or to taste) of pure peppermint extract


In a small pot, add chocolate and mint to almond milk. Heat, stir, and enjoy.


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