my winter essentials


This time of year is certainly hectic, which is why I like to have a list of go-to items to help keep me organized, sane, and warm.

eos Lip Balm | While this doesn’t necessarily fit any of my three categories, the winter winds are harsh and I always end up getting chapped lips. These lip balms are inexpensive, full of great ingredients and free of harmful ones – and come in many great flavours. My favourite? Mint. Isn’t it obvious

David’s Tea Travel Mug & Sleigh Ride | I love tea. Earlier this year, I purchased the 16oz Timolino travel mug with infuser – perfect for long days and nights in the library. My favourite holiday tea, Sleigh Ride, is delicious and everything you could ask for during this season. Most importantly it has hibiscus, which is great to help lower blood pressure (which is crucial this time of year).

Korken Water Bottle | Because it’s so cold out, you’re probably more likely to be drinking warm drinks. While those are delicious – coffee and (some) teas have dehydrating effects, so it’s important to drink water too! I’m more likely to drink my 2.5L of water when it’s easily accessible and on my desk.

NTC App | Let’s get real. Canada is cold, and sometimes it’s more than okay stay home and exercise (and sometimes it takes to long to commute to the local studio). When this happens, I like to exercise with the Nike Training Club App (free with iPhones and Android devices). This is such a great program – you choose your goal and level and the app leads you through various routines which are timed and have step-by-step instructions. This workout plan looks great!

Moleskine Agenda | This should be a no-brainer. I’ve been using an agenda since elementary school to keep me organized with tests & assignments, work, conferences, and exercise (I like to track all my workouts to keep myself accountable). Last year I discovered Moleskine and fell in love with their products. They’re sleek and sophisticated, and their weekly agenda has a two-page per week format – one page dedicated to the week, and the other dedicated to notes.

Warm Scarf | Scarves are to me, what headbands were to Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl anyone?). I’m always wearing one, even during the summer. When my neck is warm, the rest of my body is warm. The Zara scarf is a classic pattern, perfect for the winter.

Uniform: leggings & a sweater | Be honest – who wants to study in jeans? Being comfortable is of utmost importance during exam season.


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