exercise by social media


Last week I attended my very first Lululemon Briar Hill/Barreworks class, which I heard about via Twitter.

I wasn’t sure what I was exactly in for (because there isn’t a bar inside the store), but because I love Barreworks and their incredible workouts, I decided to check it out!

Essentially, the educators moved everything off the floor to make room for all 20 of us. While there wasn’t a bar per se, we made due with some of the furniture. Overall, it was a really fun and unique experience – and Jesse (the instructor) was killing it! I think I’ve had class with almost all of the male Barreworks instructors – and they’re just top notch!

Everyone on Facebook or Twitter should be following their local fitness studios and Lululemon store, as they usually post fun upcoming events that you otherwise wouldn’t hear about. And the best part? They’re usually free! Despite all the controversy surrounding Lululemon lately, they’re helping make fitness classes (whether it be yoga, barre, running…) accessible – and that’s something I really admire.


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