mixing things up with NTC

nike training club

Back in undergrad I went through a phase where I wanted to feel better about myself. I started running (that was a challenge), and I wanted something else to compliment that. Originally I wanted to join some type of class at Tait (YorkU’s gym), but either they didn’t work with my schedule, or no one else signed up. So, I found myself searching for other cost-effective options.

On a whim, I downloaded Nike’s Training Club (free!) app and began to implement it into my routine. Although I’ve been using the app on a fairly irregular basis over the past 3 years, I have been using it more this past month as I’ve discovered a 4-week program posted on NTC’s Facebook page.

I’ll be honest, I really liked the Long & Lean routine because it incorporates yoga, barre, and running – 3 things that I really enjoy! I’m on week 3, and although I’ve replaced the spin class for more running or barre (there’s no time to start something new with 10 upcoming exams), I’m really enjoying the routine and having a regimented workout with a specific NTC workout picked out (it can be so difficult to choose!).


For those of you who don’t have this app, I encourage you to download it. It’s broken up into 4 goals – getting lean, toned, strong, or focused. Once you’ve made your choice you can select a fitness level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), which will bring you to a variety of workouts crafted for that specific level. Each workout is timed, has someone coaching you throughout the workout, and has video demonstrations of each exercise. Best of all, you can play your own music while working out! Generally the only equipment that you will need are weights and a medicine ball.

This is a great app especially for the days when it’s too cold out, or if you don’t have a lot of time to commute to the gym. Personally I like using it while one of my favourite TV shows is on – best of both worlds!


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