hello 2014, it’s good to see you


Hey everyone, it’s been awhile! Examageddon came and went as did two and a half weeks of rest and relaxation. After a hectic semester, it was nice to sleep in and read books that almost had nothing to do with school (I did read the Power of Habit, and called my partner about 6 times to tell him a new fact).

I have a couple of exciting things to look forward to in 2014 – I’ll be starting in clinic in a few month (after examageddon part 2 occurs), I’ll be part of my friend’s bridal party, I’m planning on going to at least 10 more passport to prana studios, and I’m tinkering with the idea of doing a 5k run (child’s play, but it’s still a challenge for me).

While many people have set resolutions this year, I’ve decided to set an intention instead. I usually feel incredibly disappointed when I let myself down, and I wanted to prevent that from happening. Therefore, my intention is to be healthy. Yes I would love to look stunning in whatever dress my friend chooses through eating right and exercise, but I also want to have a healthy mind, healthy relationships, etc. It’s a critical year and I’m almost at the point to beginning to treat people, offer a medical opinion, and help make a difference in their lives – and I intend to do that with a healthy outlook, and be the best practitioner I can possibly be.

So 2014, it’s good to see you. I look forward to what you have to offer.


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