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Passport to Prana – The Basement Yoga

the basement yoga

Starting the morning off with yoga, is something I wish I could do everyday – which I why I attended class at The Basement Yoga last week. A few months ago while waiting for the 196B, I noticed that this studio was opening up! Needless to say, I was quite excited.

I chose to attend ‘Warrior Flow’ – an all-level & quick paced class with Rebecca (I have to note that I love practicing yoga to the xx). It was great to break out of my Moksha mold and try a new sequence and different poses – and Rebecca was really attentive with postures and made corrections and modifications when required. Towards the end of practice, Rebecca shut the lights and lead us through the final poses while reading us a passage – an incredibly peaceful way to end class.

The studio stays true to it’s name, it’s located in a basement with a cozy reception area, followed by a large studio space. Mats, blocks, straps are all provided – I love that because I can literally go to the studio straight from school and not worry about having my things with me!

I’ll definitely be back to try out a few of their other classes – like Candlelight Flow and Yogalates.


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